Marble Natural Stone & Travertine Tile Restoration

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Marble Natural Stone & Travertine Tile Restoration

We professionally clean your marble and natural stone floor tiles and grout, making them look brand new

After an extensive and deep clean using high end equipment and materials, we then polish your marble and natural stone tiles using diamonds to give them a high shine. A special seal treatment is then applied for longer lasting protection

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Why Is Marble Natural Stone & Travertine Restoration Required?

Marble & Natural stone flooring offers a timeless, classic, and visually appealing design, as well as being one of the more durable floors you can choose. It’s easy to see why more than a few people
choose it. As durable as it is, however, it needs some basic maintenance to make sure it’s as amazing as you want it to be long-term.

-Fix shine – Perhaps the most obvious reason why marble restoration and similar treatments are needed is that they address any dullness of the floor and enhance the overall look. It keeps your marble floors looking amazing.

-Save Money – If your flooring gets increasingly damaged without being repaired, it’ll eventually need to be replaced, which is quite expensive. Marble cleaning, polishing, and restoration is much more affordable and saves you the hassle of replacing the

-Keep Everything Looking Nice – Even without being damaged, marble flooring puts up with a lot of wear and tear. That makes it look run down. With marble polishing and cleaning, and similar treatments, you can make sure your flooring looks as amazing as possible long-term.

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Limestone Restoration

Limestone flooring goes on a long journey before it becomes part of your home’s flooring. It comes from the bottom of the ocean, and consists (mostly) of calcium carbonate. It can look exceptional in a home, but as with most things, it won’t stay in pristine condition forever.
You’ll be able to keep your flooring in good condition with regular cleaning and polishing, but at some stage, you’ll need to restore the condition of the limestone to its former glory, and that’s where Expert Tile Restoration can come in.

How We Do Marble Cleaning

Marble cleaning is one of the easier ways to look after your flooring, but it can also be easy to do wrong. You’ll not only have to do it regularly, but make sure the right solutions and chemicals are used during this process. When Expert Tile Restoration does this, we follow specific steps to ensure it’s done right.

To start it off, we remove any visible dirt and larger pieces by sweeping everything away. Then it’s time for the hard work. A specialised cleaning solution is used to remove any tough stains without damaging the marble. The floor is then rinsed and dried before any necessary treatments are used to get rid of some harsher stains.

How We Do Marble Polishing

Marble polishing can be done either by hand or by machine, with circumstances often dictating which is the best course of action. Done by hand, the marble is first cleaned as described above before a specialised solution is applied.

This is carefully applied to make sure any stains are gotten rid of while ensuring the marble has the perfect sheen once everything is completed. After this, the floor is buffed to make sure it’s as unblemished as possible.

With machine marble polishing, a relatively similar approach is taken, but a specialised
machine is used to remove any sealant, wax, or coarse grits. The specialised solution and
buff are then applied in a similar fashion before finishing touches are added, especially near
walls where a machine mightn’t be appropriate.

How We Do Marble Restoration

Marble restoration is one of the more time- and labour-intensive ways to look after your flooring, which is why it’s always worth hiring a professional for it. It’s a multi-step approach that takes multiple tools and a lot of expertise to do properly. At Expert Tile Restoration, we have everything we need to do that.

Using our expertise, we carefully polish marble floors to give it a solid and standard look across the room. After retouching we make sure everything is perfect, it can go through much the same process as marble polishing. Add in a few minor tweaks to make sure everything’s set and installed properly, and your flooring is as good as new.

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Why Choose Us for Marble Restoration?

With how important marble cleaning, polishing, and restoration is, you might wonder why you should choose Expert Tile Restoration. With over three decades of experience, we’re trusted experts with countless happy clients. We can get your floors back to amazing shape in no time, letting you have high-quality and immaculate floors at an affordable cost.

We can make sure your flooring looks as good as new, if not better. Give us a call on 087 4542559, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs. What’s stopping you from looking after your floors?

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